Fun facts:
The budget for this was actually quite low. For that reason the studio shots of the piano in which the camera moves were actually done hand-held! (Amazing work from Timo Schwarz, still blows my mind.) And the sound design was done by my cutter, Anne Beutel, and myself in the editing room, using my old Zoom H4n recorder and whatever things we could find to make noises with.
"In honor of the company's 160th anniversary, Steinway & Sons has revealed a history-making collaboration with renowned furniture designer Dakota Jackson to develop the stunning Arabesque Limited Edition piano. With only 50 pianos in the line, the Arabesque is an exclusive masterpiece representing the combined artistic vision of one of the world's most celebrated designers and the Steinway craftsmen who have brought his design to life."
Client: Steinway & Sons
Production Company: Markenfilm Crossing GmbH
Director: Daniel K.B. Schmidt
DoP: Timo Schwarz
Editor: Anne Beutel
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