Music video for the band Who Made Who based around the concept of a performance that's way more high energy than the song.
We only had a week to make this and very little time to actually film it on the day of the shoot. For that reason, nearly every take we shot is used in the video (we only had the time to do one take of each shot).

“We started with the basic idea of creating a performance video in which the energy of the song and the energy of the performance are at clear odds with one another.
Building on this concept of contrasting energies, there’s a subtle mythology. The band is the beast, the girl is the beauty, at least at first. That is why there are predators next to the band and prey animals next to the girl. Towards the end she transforms though, exploding in a frenzy of motion, and there are only beasts left.
In my mind what we see in the video is all in her dreams.”

Client: WhoMadeWho 
Production Company: Mädchenfilm
Director: Daniel K.B. Schmidt
DoP: Darja Pilz
Editor: Christopher Ollech
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